SBJ Readers Offer Trends to Watch in 2017

Molly Mazzolini talk to SBJ about coming sports industry trends for 2017.

Partner and director of brand integration, Infinite Scale

Stories/trends …

I am eagerly anticipating the IOC announcement of the 2024 Games host city in September. The United States last hosted the Games in 2002 and the Olympic movement brings so many people together and inspires pride for the host city and country. We could all certainly use stories featuring the warmth, ethos and sportsmanship the Olympics and the many test events leading up to the possible 2024 Games would bring to our country and the world.

In terms of trends, the exploration and popularization of more lifestyle-oriented venue usage outside of the main tenant events. Large-scaled facilities are inviting their communities to hang out and interact when they are in non-event mode; it’s a year-round place that doesn’t require a ticket to experience it. And it provides an opportunity for small businesses like restaurants, coffee shops and food trucks to layer in local flavors. Developing new ways of using what these spaces can be is now part of the initial design process and strategic thinking that goes into creating the many layers of how fans interact with sports venues.

Personality most intriguing …

The spotlight has been on millennials and the younger generations, but to me, the most intriguing people in 2017 and beyond are the wise veterans with sage sports experience. I hope that these gems of the industry pass on their experiences and stories down like family members. Their personal innovations and once-in-a-lifetime experience have built an incredible foundation for those who have the passion and want to make a difference in the sports world to expand upon. We can all benefit from the knowledge and stories they have to share with and to learn from.

Published January 9, 2017

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