Office Assistant

Salt Lake City, UT

Elevate’s design vertical, Infinite Scale, is seeking a motivated and eager Office Assistant to support our department in ensuring smooth and efficient business operations. The Office Assistant will be responsible for administrative support in the following areas: employee onboarding/offboarding, employee engagement initiatives, calendar management, travel and office management, hospitality and other general office administration duties. This is a full-time, non-exempt position located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Average hours are 30-40 hours per week between 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. and requires in-office hours. Pay rate is $16.00 - 18.00/ hour with benefits.


Salt Lake City, Utah

The primary responsibility for the Project Manager focuses on directing and managing projects – from strategy to delivery and implementation – with support from a Senior Project Manager and SVP Venues. This requires high-level Client services and relationship management, with a strong ability in understanding the Client objectives and driving the strategic direction of the project.

Senior Experiential Graphic Designer

Salt Lake City, Utah

You’ve been working predominantly on EGD projects for over 5 years and have taken large projects through all phases of development – programming through construction administration. The buildings have been larger public spaces such as arenas, stadiums, airports, convention center or similar. You have a comfort with working with architects, fabricators and have excellent client communication and presentation skills.

What I applaud Infinite for was their commitment to the team, not on the projects, but us as a team. It was great to have them watching us, cheering for us and giving us a hug when we needed it.