The entry atrium, Kem and Carolyn Gardner Legacy Hall, is the initial stop on a path surrounded by the greats of Utah Basketball. Key games and players are supersized and illuminated on the walls, while players with retired jerseys glow, suspended from the ceiling. Through the office spaces, the story continues with framed images of great Ute moments and tokens from past players.


Moving downstairs from the Legacy Hall, the focus shifts to the future of Utah’s basketball program. The player areas—including practice gyms, film rooms, lounges, and locker rooms—incorporate team words and quotes to inspire the student-athletes who study, train, and play there.

Designing A
Recruiting Path

A primary focus of this project was the recruiting path and the associated stories encountered along the way. Every story we told was defined and refined prior to the design process to ensure a cohesive story was told—whether we were recounting tales of history, journeys of U players who landed in the NBA, stories of local sports culture, or inspirational mantras from Coaches Krystkowiak and Roberts.

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