We really wanted to capture, not only the essence of Little Caesars, but also the essence of this venue, and connect all of that to the District Detroit. Bringing together our founders’ vision beyond just pizza gives us all great pride. This arena is symbolic of a lifetime of commitment to this city.

The Creative Council™

Whenever possible, we recommend bringing in our tried and true collaboration model: the Creative Council™. Here, we leverage the collective firepower of an entire group of creative consultants working together for flawlessly cohesive brand integration–in this case, in Little Caesars Arena. It’s such a special process that we’ve copyrighted it. As true believers in the power of teamwork, this process lets us truly organize and synchronize ahead of opening day. Together, we brought multiple sports teams, ownership, corporate partners, and heritage art programs together.



Fabricator - Archtype + Jones Sign

Food + Retail - Delaware North

Team Store + Heritage Hall - C7a

Venue Art Collection - Sports and the Arts

Unifying the design between key project stakeholders allows relationships to develop at a more personal level. Open communication and comfort on the client end creates a trusting environment for a better fan experience.


It’s a delicate balance and one we relish: when we’re asked to create a brand identity for a venue, there are multiple forces at play. In this case, the beloved Little Caesars brand plus hockey and the arena architecture. By blending each component plus a good dose of strategy, we created the brand identity for the arena.

video courtesy of Olympia Entertainment


The exterior design of Little Caesars Arena intentionally fit the historic streetscape of Woodward Avenue. Which meant that all exterior signage would need to maintain that authentic, pedestrian-friendly feel. We worked closely with Olympia Development and Little Caesars to come up with four different signs for each corner entrance, reflecting the primary use of that entrance.


We met with each partner individually to discuss their goals, goals for the space, and goals for Olympia Entertainment. This collaborative approach led to results unlike any partnership program before. (Case in point: custom hockey-stick wainscoting.) It was a perfect pairing of the corporate brands and the sports teams.


Done right, design turns a challenge into a solution. This arena layout was unconventional from the start—without many of the typical walls and ceilings. This meant that we needed to create the fewest number of signs possible, with maximum effectiveness. We implemented a portal system to help guests navigate the arena. Instead of traditional section signage, we used large high-contrast portal numbers assigned sequentially. This offered a quicker read for fans, getting them to their seats faster, with less support staff. The system worked so well that many other venues have adopted it since.


Each concession location was designed to be a special experience in both look and offerings—whether partnered or unique to the arena. We worked with Delaware North and HOK to create a “food story” through logos, taglines, and imagery.


One of the most incredible aspects of the project was the opportunity to work with such a historic team. As one of the Original Six, and having won six Stanley Cups, the Red Wings’ history was a key part of the project. Working closely with Olympia Entertainment’s curator, Marcel Patent, and on a very compressed schedule, we executed a Heritage Program throughout multiple spaces and in 700+ individual pieces.

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