Infinite Scale is one of the chief reasons why Levi’s® Stadium is so clean and why all brand activation ideas are so complementary to each other.
Ali Towle, VP Marketing, San Francisco 49ers

Creative Council™

Creative Council™

Creative Council™ Approach

A Creative Council™ is a group of creative consultants, working collaboratively on a project to support cohesive brand integration into a sports venue.These team members are brought together by the Client so that all members are uniformly educated about the project and working in unison.

    Naming Rights
    Partner Integration

    With a strong showing throughout the stadium, the Levi’s logo and 49ers team logo work in perfect balance. It comes to life in the 60-foot-long three-dimensional Levi’s logo atop the primary endzone scorecards, the Levi’s 501 Club, and the wayfinding signs. Throughout, the venue and team brand are presented in a tasteful and consistent way.

    Naming Rights Integration

    Infinite Scale works with the naming rights partner’s creative teams to ensure brand fidelity and visibility while creating a package that is clean and artful. The result is a high-end experience that brings the naming rights partner to the fan.

    Naming rights design packages bring the corporate sponsor to the fan in a clean and tasteful manner.

    Two iconic brands, Levis Strauss & Co., established in San Francisco, California in 1853 to cloth miners who came to the state during the gold rush and the San Francisco 49ers, whose name is derived from the hard working men and women who settled the region to make their fortunes. It’s a great story- not to mention, the 2 brands share the same Red which made for a seamless beautiful design solution through out the facility.

      Partner Integration

      Central to the stadium design: integrating partners’ branding. Founding partners received prime real estate in the inner bowl, with their logos integrated tastefully and permanently into the design. This not only ensured a clean look but added just the right pop of color.

      A Closer Look

      501® Club

      Levi’s® 501® Club, located on the east side of the building, was designed to reflect Bay area urban. We worked to merge the Stadium and Naming Rights Partner brands in a subtle, yet bold, way.

        Yahoo! Fantasy Football Lounge

        The Yahoo! Fantasy lounge, interestingly features the broadcast booth at the 50 yard line. The Lounge is dedicated to Fantasy football, and is accessible by guests of the luxury suites, accommodating roughly 1,500 fans.

          Wayfinding +
          Concession Signage