Gig' em

Working alongside Populous and Activate, Infinite Scale was challenged to craft a brand strategy and comprehensive wayfinding and brand integration package. Our task: to honor the school’s unique traditions and provide a timeless and flexible system that would serve the venue for years to come. A combination of simplicity and scale guided throughout—with the creation of large-scale, maroon-drenched graphics at the back of each scoreboard, super-scaled images highlighting fans, players, and traditions dear to Aggieland, and a crisp and clear wayfinding system to guide fans through the expanded concourses and circulation towers.


The west side of the stadium is home to the Hall of Champions, a 30,000 square foot space designed to house and honor the athletic achievements and storied history of A&M’s Athletic programs. Stretching the length of the football field, the soaring space features interactive displays designed and developed by Infinite Scale and our multimedia partner, BPI to bring this history to life and provide all Aggies and fans with a unique way to connect through great moments, stories, stats, and images.