Great job delivering a visually compelling decor program for this year's All Star.
The look, combined with a new 3 on 3 format, great weather and all that Nashville had to offer as a backdrop made for what I feel was one of the best
All Star games ever


Nashville is rich in its tapestry of musical and visual culture. With much inspiration coming from its sounds, local signs, and storied hand-printed show posters, we developed a system and applications that shined in Music City. Nashville also brought the first deployment of the NHL’s 34 Dimensional Hockey Pucks


34 Legacy Parts

Fabrication Management
Deployment Oversight

2016 was the first year we deployed the NHL Legacy Pucks - 34 pucks, 6' in circumference, 3' deep with internal illumination. A built-in timer compliments the on-off switches and allows the NHL to schedule show-times for the illumination for a hands-off event deployment. Infinite Scale designed the pucks to allow the NHL to deploy them as a full group for each NHL team + the event brand, or as individual pucks for smaller events. The pucks became an immediate favorite for fans and players alike - they were an instant hit on Social Media and during the event broadcasts. Players have been seen taking photos next to their pucks at All-Star events alongside fans and family.

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